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Our Story

Everything we do is focused on helping people have better lives in an increasingly contaminated world and we believe that our success will have a tremendous impact on the health of people all around the world.

Our Company and people are environmentally conscious and proud to be so and pass that character on to all we have the privilege to encounter along the way. We are stewards of the land, outdoorsmen, farmers, gardeners, and ranchers who appreciate the opportunity to be able to do what we do. Why…because we care about these issues like you, our customer.

Our Standards

HOCl Solutions and Nixall VetResponse® are manufactured to high moral standards, which means the product is produced in the best, pure and environmentally sound way as possible; a product that protects us better than any competitor.  Products that we know we can proudly use ourselves.

“Herrick, Horse Refuse To Be Beaten By Blaze

San Diego Union-Tribune

NIXALL Skin Burn Testimonial
Jewel Westwood – Lifeworks Integrative Health
All Veterinatians love VetResponse! No more harsh chemicals, no more bleach! Just NIXALL®
Dr. Toby Cronnell discusses how she uses Nixall® in her practice and with her family and with her kids.

What Our Customers Say

“I have been using a new product for me: HOCl Cleanser/Deodorizer, a non-toxic cleanser that contains no harsh chemicals. It is safe for our hands, (no awful rubber gloves needed to clean with this product.) perfect for bathrooms, even safe for use on changing tables. It is also great in the kitchen as it is safe around food and food prep surfaces. HOCl has many family and animal products with multiple uses for you and your family to try and use with peace of mind.”

Sara Beth
Nixa, Missouri 

“My name is Keith and I’ve been a taxidermist for years. I’ve been using other cleaning products to sanitize, clean and help with the smell without good results. I’ve since switched over to the HOCl line of products with fantastic results. I use the Wound & Skin Solution on my hands for the nicks and cuts that I always get. I use the Cleanser for the smells in the work area. HOCl Cleanser works better than anything else I’ve used with more noticeable results. I finish with Disinfectant/Sanitizer to have the peace of mind that all my work area and tools are sanitized. Bacteria is a problem in my trade but with the Disinfectant/Sanitizer, I’m not worried because of the safe and effective way it works without being harmful to the mounts. I would highly recommend these products and hope you will get the amazing results like I have.”

Springfield, Missouri 

“My Chocolate Lab recently got sprayed by a skunk. This would be his second time. First time I applied a product from a vet. Kind of worked, but he still smelled after $60 and two applications. The second time I soaked his muzzle in Pet Deodorizer. I just sprayed it all over his face since its safe. Within ten minutes or less I could not smell any skunk with my nose next to his face. I was SOLD on this product. I wish it would keep him from skunks!”

Springfield, Missouri